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Fixing a Windows theme alternate way

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I am not a developer nor I think I will ever be, but one thing that I am wondering about is "would this be possible to do?"

It bugs me for some odd reason that Windows XP Themes are somewhat buggy in general. Blue Luna default has a "scratch" near the start button (light blue extra line), Embedded theme has a tilt on the start button when pressed (upper right corner), Zune has bad pixels here and there, so the only nice theme would be Royale with Windows Media Center edition.

Now, the "royale noir" theme that was never released actually looks very nice, however, it has an unfinished start button which is probably the biggest issue with this theme. One Small Fix would make it somewhat appealing - The Start Button is interpreted as would be finished by many to be grey color but looking at the button itself I think the designers have intended to make the start button green as well as other early XP themes (zune, embedded excluded).

There are two finished green buttons (mouseover, pressed) so the only unfinished one is the grey "do nothing" start button. Instead of using modified uxtheme.dll or some other funky way of altering this I was thinking about doing just this;

Make an executable which will simply cover up the Start button with a different image on the "outside" of the theme (creating an outside patch and I already have an image of what could have been the actual Start Button). Behaviour would be to have this button;

1. In Transparrent operation

2. Dissapear on Mouse Over or pressing the Window key on keyboard, or CTRL ESC

And I think that would be all that this program would do.

Would this be possible to be done in some way?

Point is;

I don't want to use Stardock and Style XP (Style XP with every update of XP stops working anyway)

I just want to use what microsoft has released in terms of official XP themes

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You could definitely do what you're asking.

Some Functions to look at could be:





While/WEnd loops



Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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