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Problem with the snippet holder

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Ran into an annoying problem, the snippet holder will not work correctly.

It will not dock to either side

If I highlight some code, use the drop down menu, or right click on the snippet window to add a new snippet, the main window moves over to the right side but the snippets edit pane never shows up, the holder believes the window is actually there and visible, but i can't see it and the AutoIt Window Info Tool doesn't see it either.

Same thing happens if I try and open a snippet.

I looked through the code for a bit

This window is the problem -> $GUI_Edit = GUICreate("Source Code View/Edit Snippet", 622, 506, -1, -1, $WS_CAPTION, -1, $main_GUI)

When the snippet holder starts up the window is set to hidden, and as far as I can see this code should bring it into sight.

Func _ShowPreview(ByRef $GUI_Edit, ByRef $DockItPos, ByRef $Dock, $show = 1)
    If $show Then
        If $DockItPos Then
            _WinAnimate ($GUI_Edit, $AW_SLIDE_IN_RIGHT, 200)
            _WinAnimate ($GUI_Edit, $AW_SLIDE_IN_LEFT, 200)
        GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $GUI_Edit)

But it doesn't ever.

Things I have tried,

Reinstalled Autoit,

Reinstalled SciTE4AutoIt

uninstalled both and removed all files left in the directory's. then reinstalled both again.

Still will not work.

I saved my snippet.ini file and snips folder so I can restore them if I can ever get it working again. I had 100+ snips in it, and referenced them often. I miss the bloody thing.

Anyone have any ideas ?

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You can mark this issue closed, I figured it out.

It was due to nVidia's nView application advanced window features for multi-monitor use. I use it to add 2 buttons next to min-restore-max on every title bar for 'send to next monitor' and 'collapse to titlebar'. I also set a number of options, open child windows on same monitor as parent, prevent windows from opening offscreen, make windows min. and max. faster, and allow window to span monitors.

I simply added a custom application rule in nView for csnippet.exe and disabled all the advanced features.

Didn't dawn on me till after a bunch of frustration, that the problems started happening shortly after I updated the nVidia driver to Forceware 180.84.

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