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FF.au3 _FFClickLink function, help

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Good morning :o

I use _FFClickLink function to click on a page number (n°2 for example) on a forum website. My problem isn't really with the function :

_FFClickLink("2", "text")

But the problem is that this function find before my link, another link called for example "Tom1245" or "Isabelle23" ( forum members ). My link (page 2) is in the bottom of the forum that's why the problem is not really in the function... Do you have a solution ? :D

Thank's a lot

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Does the link have a ID then you can _FFClickLink($sID, "ID")


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that's the problem with searching by substrings :D

and "href"?

_FFClickLink("....", "href")

or index

_FFClickLink(10, "index")

I change the search in the next versions to:

- substring

- string

- RegEx

and add a third parameter for this and for some other functions, too.

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