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Accessing elements in an open Internet explorer

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i'm relatively newbie to Autoit, i have allot of experience in programming, albeit no experience in windows programming.

1. I would like to know if there is any good tutorial for the internet explorer commands.

2. I'm now trying to improve a program I wrote by implementing _IE commands in the code,

So far with zero success since i failed to find how to read anything from the webpage.

Assume I have IE open at the correct webpage, and its the only IE instance/tab that exists and will exist during the code.

I want to access the webpage elements !

All the examples i saw included opening the IE, obtaining the IE handle/object from that opening command.

I dont know how to do it if the IE is already open...

PS. - Can the "window info" tool help me ?



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_IEAttach() in the help file has a number of great examples at the bottom of the page.


BTW ... Welcome to the Autoit Forums... 8)

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