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Bug in Parser

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at first let me express my thanx for your debugger. Having tried it for just about a single hour and it at least has the potential to become one of my best tools. Thanx a lot!

I just ran into a problem/bug. I probably can work around this, but it seems to be a bug anyway, so I'll inform you:

In a rather complex project (at least for me) I have added quite a lot of debugging code a la

if $mDbg Then ConsoleWrite("$SDrs: "&_ArrayToString($SDrs, ", ",1)&@CRLF)
If $mDbg then ConsoleWrite("$SearchFiles ["&$SDrs[0]&"]->")

This has worked fine with your debugger except the last of the above lines. Your debugger has created the following code fragment from that:

AutoIt_Debugger_NextLine("C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\frenz\Eigene Dateien\AutoIT3\Compressiontesttool.au3", "Compressiontesttool.au3", 74, False, @error, @extended)
If $mDbg then ConsoleWrite("$SearchFiles ["&$SDrs[0]&"]->")
AutoIt_Debugger_FinishedLine("C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\frenz\Eigene Dateien\AutoIT3\Compressiontesttool.au3", "Compressiontesttool.au3", 74, False, @error, @extended)
AutoIt_Debugger_SendVariable("$mDbg", $mDbg, @error, @extended)
AutoIt_Debugger_SendVariable("$SearchFiles", $SearchFiles, @error, @extended)
AutoIt_Debugger_SendVariable("$SDrs", $SDrs, @error, @extended)
If $mDbg then AutoIt_Debugger_SendConsoleWrite("$SearchFiles ["&$SDrs[0]&"]->", @error, @extended)

This is obviously wrong, as $SearchFiles was never been used as a variable, but as a name that implements the named object is a variable. I get an AutoIt error message box stating

Line 198: (File "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\frenz\Eigene Dateien\AutoIT3\Debug\Compressiontesttool.Debug Script.au3"):

AutoIt_Debugger_SendVariable("$SearchFiles", $SearchFiles, @error, @extended)

AutoIt_Debugger_SendVariable("$SearchFiles", ^ ERROR

Error: Variable used without being declared.

I'll rename those name strings for now.

Again thx for your work.

Greetings from Germany!



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