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[OpenOffice] Template openning

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I try to write a code with the basics to manipulate the Open Office Calc files (See attachments)

I have the following issue :

I want the template file openned to be hidden. So, I use the boolean TRUE with the parameter HIDDEN but it doesn't work : the template file is always displayed before being closed.

Can anyone try to explain me why can't I manage to work on this calc file in hidden mode ?

Thanks !

(ps : if you wanna use my auto-it code, change the path values $TemplateFilePath and $strFileOut)

#include <Array.au3>

;nom du modèle de tableau

$TemplateFilePath = "C:\Documents and Settings\GLEIZES\Mes documents\Auto It - VBS\Test_OOo.ods" ; modèle

$strFileOut = "C:\Documents and Settings\GLEIZES\Mes documents\Auto It - VBS\Test_OOo_rempli.ods" ; fichier de sauvegarde

;on crée l'objet aidant à la manipulation des documents OOo

$objServiceManager = ObjCreate("com.sun.star.ServiceManager")

$Stardesktop = $objServiceManager.createInstance("com.sun.star.frame.Desktop")

;Paramètre d'ouverture

Local $OpenParam = _ArrayCreate(MakePropertyValue("Hidden", True)) ;FALSE : affichage à l'écran, TRUE : en caché MARCHE PAS !

;Conversion des adresses des fichier modèle & sauvegarde en adresse URL

$TemplateFilePathURL = Convert2URL($TemplateFilePath)

$strFileOutURL =Convert2URL($strFileOut)

;ouverture du modèle

$TemplateFile = $Stardesktop.loadComponentFromURL($TemplateFilePathURL, "_blank", 0, $OpenParam)

;Sélection de la feuille à écrire

$oSheet = $TemplateFile.getSheets().getByIndex(0) ; selection par position

;$oSheet = $TemplateFile.getSheets().getByName("aaa") ; selection par nom

;Ecriture dans la feuille

$oSheet.getCellRangeByName("B4").setFormula("test d'écriture")

;Lire des cellules

$cell = $oSheet.getCellRangeByName("A1").formula



$oSave = _ArrayCreate(MakePropertyValue("FilterName", -1))




Func MakePropertyValue ($cName, $uValue)

Local $Pstruc

$Pstruc = $objServiceManager.Bridge_GetStruct("com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue")

$Pstruc.Name = $cName

$Pstruc.Value = $uValue ; ($uValue)

; MsgBox(0,"", $Pstruc.Value)

Return $Pstruc


Func Convert2URL($fname)

$fname = StringReplace($fname, ":", "|")

$fname = StringReplace($fname, " ", "%20")

$fname = "file:///" & StringReplace($fname, "\", "/")

Return $fname



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