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I have an issue trying to get an item to be selected in listview.

Say in an app. I want to select an item in the listview and a corresponding option page will be available upon the item getting the focus. (So if you click on an item its option page will be available, or the page is greyed out if no item is selected)

I used the ControlListView method to retrieve the index of the item by giving its string. Then, I used the same method to deselect all items and then selecedt an item using that index. What happens next is that the item does get the focus (highlighted) and there will still be a dotted retangle surrouding the previously selected item. This causes the option page to be greyed out since the app thinks that nothing has been selected. If I manually clikc on the item again it will remain to be highlighted while the dotted line from the previous item disappears and everything works. Any ideas....???

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