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Guest YoshisakaN

Need help doing this:

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Guest YoshisakaN

I dont know if anyone here uses this : http://www.surfjunky.com/?r=YoshisakaN

but basically its a site that pays you to keep ie open as it browses through sites on its own. no spyware involved or i wouldnt be using it. anyway as it scrolls through sites, changing every 30 seconds, sometimes it will give me page not found, therefore not changing sites any longer and me no longer getting me 45 cents an hour. well im looking for a script that would click the refresh button when i get page not found. I wrote one that does it every 10 minutes but the problem is if you click refresh when its not, page not found, then it will exit out and say that your not allowed to run more than one instances of their site due to failure of complying with the user agreement. so i need code that clicks refresh when IE receives page not found error. if anyone could help me out id really really appreciate it! Also feel free to sign up under me on surfjunky :lmao: THANKS AGAIN!

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