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search routine txt file array

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hi! iam not familiar with autoit but i think it can solve my problem fast. may i ask u 2 help me.

i want do read a txtfile 60mb or more fast.

txt content:
03[09:03] * odobeo (muffer@97-83-156-227.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com) has left #xxxpasswords
03[09:03] * pop75 (~pop75@ has joined #xxxpasswords
03[09:04] * Mainbitch sets mode: +l 136
[09:04] 3 http://riddel2:memo22@members2.heroesindex.com/maki L:4 riddel2 P:4 memo22


the output should be safed in a new textfile looking like


always the same = constant


always a variable


riddel2 memo22

remember: the hole file gets al lot of http-addresse. i just wanna clean the original file from the trash i dont need. i just interresseted in the http-adresses in the condition http://login:pass@httpadresse

i dont have a plan right now how to handle,

and i dont guess this is ilegal.


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Welcome to the forums! That plan should be entirely doable, the functions you'll want to look into are FileRead to read in your 60 MB file and then you should be able to use StringRegExp to find all of strings that match the format that you gave.

Give it a try, post what you come up with if you can't get it and we'll be happy to give you some assistance. :D

Good luck!

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