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Detectable difference between simulated click and actual?

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Im just writing some personal scripts to run while I'm on vacation, or planning them at least, and I'm concerned that I might get flagged as a spammer or malware or something.

It's important that the scripts be able to run the on schedule the whole time while I'm not around, so that would be bad if somebody flagged me and put me on file for sorting out, because then I would miss windows and get all out of whack.

If websites can't tell the difference between a simulated and real click though, then there will not be a problem, because I'm not actually doing anything illegal or against policy or anything. I'm only sifting through data on my own accounts. I'm just worried about some dumb data mining scripts of theirs that might interrupt me for too long before some human can get around to figuring out that everything was okay.

Thanks! (Oh, this is on Windows Vista)

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