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Pathing in Diablo 2 questions and help please.

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Hello i used the search tool and looked at several different topics about diablo 2 pathing and people makin bots and stuff.. didn't really find what i was looking for.. got a start tho.. I'm wanting to make a den of evil bot for fun and learning purposes :o kind of a bigger goal for me.. i tried it a long time ago but the pathing was too overwhelming for me lol but it's been 2 years and this time around i think i know a little more..

So could someone please help me get started with learning the pathing concept how it works in diablo 2 and how to "mod" the game to show mobs and the path to den of evil in color? Someone said in another topic that you'd have to lay like blue or some color across the ground to the waypoint or wherever you're trying to go.. and in diablo 2 there are 4 possible places that the den can be.. the map changes and the easiest way to figure out which map it is.. is by checking which corner the exit in rogue encampment is. I feel kinda like i'm rambling lol but i hope someone can get something out of this and help me get started :D I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks.

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