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closing windows using classname

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Hello the World.

Just a little silly question :lmao:

I need to close all all windows explorer windows. I dont know the title of these windows but only know the classname : ExploreWClass.

Question :

How to close windows depending of a specific classname ?

Why i need this :

I'm working on different installer/uninstaller scripts. I have an issue using FILEZIP.

when desinstalling this software, the fzshext.dll stay alive (because this is the library managing explorer integration and it still running). I'm unable to unload this dll and the only way i've found is to close all windows having an explorer session manually. i try using ProcessExists("explorer.exe") and ProcessClose but result is not so good (explorer process is killed but dll always active).

thx a lot for helping me resoving this issue.

have a great day

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While WinExists('ClassName=SciCalc','')

Close All open Calculator windows....


Edit : I was to sloooowwwwww....

Edited by Andre

What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!

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great thx a lot and as always very fast answer from people.

great product + great support forum = endless joy :lmao:

best regards from france

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