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Uninstaller Shell


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This is a shell for a generic Uninstaller. All you should need to do to create an uninstaller for your own program would be to edit the included resources files. All text fields are set from the Uninstall.lang file (which is just an ini), and all uninstalled files, folders, and registry keys/values are set from the Uninstall.def file (another ini). There is also a suitable generic Icon, and in-program image included.

The uninstaller is also able to accept certain command-line arguments...

For the default wizard-style uninstaller-

- Nothing or /regular (needed if using a post-install action)

For a quiet progress bar with no prompts-

- /quiet or /quiet-exit for the window to close itself at the end

For a completely silent uninstall with no windows-

- /silent

It can also accept arguments for post-install actions (must be second argument)

These are self-explanatory

- /shutdown

- /reboot

Update 1

*Added Resource Editor*

Updated Lang Resource and added lang support for a couple of missing strings

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Edited by NerdFencer

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G'day NerdFencer

Looks great! AND nice and simple which is always a plus!

Do you mind if I steal a few ideas from it. I'm working on a similar idea (except it will 'i hope' do everything "download/install/run/uninstall" for a program)

Multipurpose Program runner

That I posted a few days ago to get some ideas (hope you get better response) and you've got me thinking about other things to add to it. :-)

Also I love the "resource editor" makes it much easier for a user to set up the whole system. I just have a blank spot where GUI comes in an it takes me hours to get one "close to right"...sigh

Again Well done

John Morrison

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Hi, This is my first post and i'm fairly new to AutoIT so excuse my ignorance.

Am i missing something with the def file for the un-install instructions? is there a demo file i can read from, i have populated the values that i'm after but can't get it to work. i.e in [Folders] section i simply put "C:\test" with and without quotes and it does not remove the folder when run.

What i'm after is a script to run as admin under a "user" account then uninstall a list of software that was installed by MSI packages, by calling a msi exec command? perhaps? maybe i'm being a bit ambitious and this isn't what this software is designed to do?



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