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ForceReboot while logged out?

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I have a larger complicated script which is supposed to do multiple things to the computer (XPPro) and then force the computer to reboot. It does 99% of the work, but never reboots.

I made a one line AutoIt Script that does this and only this:


I then compiled it, and set it as a scheduled task (sched task is running as admin). It still will not reboot the computer. Other scheduled tasks work fine while logged out.

Am I doing something wrong? I have everything except this one little thing working. Any and all ideas appreciated. Thanks.


Oh, and the compiled shutdown script works fine if I double click on it while logged in.

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The built in C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe did the trick for me. It is short on features (and ability for user to cancel) but it works. I just hoped that AutoIt's built in function would do what I wanted.

Thanks for the great info slug. The beyondlogic site looks impressive.

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