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Making this code work with Latest AutoIT Version

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I have been working on/off on a project for a while now so I have not been keeping up to date with every new AutoIT version. The version of Autoit I used before was

I have now updated to and have gotten my scripts compling and mostly working. I am having a problem though with a function I got from the forum about two years ago, (see bottom of this post for the function).

I don't exactly remember where I got this or who wrote it, but since I updated to, this seems to fail.

The actual compilation doesn't fail, but when I call this function, for example like this (attempting to get the source of an Internet_Explorer Server Object:

$wa = WinActivate($Win_hWnd)
$cc = ControlClick ($Win_hWnd, "", "[Class:Internet Explorer_Server]")
$hWnd_IEServer = ControlGetHandle($Win_hWnd,"","[Class:Internet Explorer_Server]")
If $hWnd_IEServer = "" Then;  
  _FileWriteLog($logfile, "Error getting handle to the 'Internet Explorer_Server' control" & @CRLF)
  $o_IE = _MISC_ObjGetFromHWND($hWnd_IEServer)
  If Not IsObj($o_IE) Then;; An error occurred getting the Object from the window handle
       _FileWriteLog($logfile, "Error getting the 'Internet Explorer_Server' object" & @CRLF)    ; This error message is always generated

then the error message "Error getting the 'Internet Explorer_Server' object" is always generated.

Does anybody know off hand why this doesn't work with the latest AutoIT version?

Func ObjGetFromHWND(ByRef $hWin)
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error,@extended,0)

    Local Const $WM_HTML_GETOBJECT = _MISC_RegisterWindowMessage("WM_HTML_GETOBJECT")
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error,@extended,0)
    Local Const $SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG = 0x0002
    Local $lResult, $typUUID, $aRet, $oIE

    _MISC_SendMessageTimeout($hWin, $WM_HTML_GETOBJECT, 0, 0, $SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG, 1000, $lResult)
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error,@extended,0)

    $typUUID = DLLStructCreate("int;short;short;byte[8]")

    $aRet = DllCall("oleacc.dll", "int", "ObjectFromLresult", "int", $lResult, _
            "ptr", DLLStructGetPtr($typUUID), "int", 0, "idispatch_ptr", "")
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error,@extended,0)

    If Not IsObj($aRet[4]) Then Return SetError(1,@extended,0)

    $oIE = $aRet[4].Script()
    Return $oIE

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What exactly does that do for you that _IEAttach() doesn't?

Aside from calling _MISC_ObjGetFromHWND(), but declaring _ObjGetFromHWND(), I don't see any obvious errors. But then, I have no idea what you want it to do.


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