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Fish Macro

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This is not my first but by far, the easiest and shortest macro I've ever written for a game.

Thanks to AutoIt v3

I made a macro for Fate (FATE Fish Macro) with an older version of Autoit many moons ago ^_^

Since the new version, I decided to make a new macro for fishing.

Fate UR has come out and I wanted to play it while waiting for WoW 3.1 and some other games.

I noticed some people asking for a fishing macro on the FATE forums.

Since the last time I wrote a macro on Fate forums, I was flamed to hell and back and the macro was deleted.

So, I will just let the search engines handle and also leave a post on FATE leading to AutoIt for the macro

To me, it's not cheating, it's utilizing what is in the game already, just that I don't have to point and clik in a repetitive fashion when something can do that for me.

Therefore eliminating my risk of Carpel Tunnel in which many games fail to care about how many times a player must point and clik in repetition etc.

Plus, with a fish macro in FATE, you make gold pretty darn fast.

I will work on adding code to have the pet pick up and goto town to sell etc. but no promises on that ;)

But I will help those that want to learn.

For now, with Autoit v3, I've done a very easy to use and short macro.

Here's how to use the macro.

1, Get Autoit v3, (even if you don't know how to use it, you can learn some easy basic steps.)

2, Get Cop Color Picker here : http://www.funk.eu/

3, Run FATE in windowed mode and in 1024x768 res. (that is, if you run a higher res like I do) You do this by : changing the FULLSCREEN=1 to a 0. The config.dat is in C:\ProgramData\WildTangent\fate\Persistent

do a serach on Persistent if you can't find.

This way, you can always start Fate and the window opens in the same spot all the time (in other words, it's easier if you do not move the window. You can start fishing right way if you saved and exited the game)

The macro starts by cliking Go Fishing, then moves the mouse cursor to Set Hook once the ! appears (which needs a PixelGetColor within the !.

Then moves the mouse cursor to clik ok to put the fish / items in your backpack. (Note, when backpack is full, fish/items spill on the ground, without moving, have your pet pick them up (shift clik item), sell in town etc.

Write down your coords in sequence for easy change when ready.

Open Cop Color Pick and get the coords of where you need to mouseclik.

Once you know where the ! is, get the coords and color (use decimal) be sure to change all colors (Decimal) to the same where the decimal color is in each line.

All you need to change is the coords and color, because FATE has random fishing holes and position will not always be the same unless you stay in that particular fishing spot. or you might run in a different res etc.

Because the code is short (thanks to Autoit v3) there is not much to change.

A little bit of time on the color pick is still even better than having a huge macro as in the past.

I am certain this macro can be written but it will be a longer script. But I wanted something short 'n' sweet so that anyone new to Autoit can learn.

Thus, I am placing the macro here so that we can help those that want to learn.

It's basic and short, so there should be no problems.

In Autoit / ScITE editor (that comes with AutoIt v3, choose new, then save as Fish.au3 or whatever name you want.

copy and past the code below, save and you are ready to roll once you change coords etc.

Mine is set to level 2 dungeon near the east side standing west of the Go Fishing swirl (a tad left, off center at the edge of the tile before waterline)

This macro will continue until you stop it, or pause game, alt tab etc.. You will have to re run the macro to begin again.

Remember to alt tab, resume game and have your pet pick up and sell, then re-run the macro.

; AutoIt Version: 3.0
; Language:    English
; Platform:    WinXP/Vista
; Author:        Dretchen The Dark a.k.a. Joe Russell
; Macro Function:
;   Fishing Macro for the game : FATE

Sleep(10000);give time to open FATE


While 1
If Not @error Then

$i = PixelGetColor(859,538) = 16449103
Until $i = PixelGetColor(859,538) = 16449103
If PixelGetColor(859,538) = 16449103 Then MouseClick("left")


Until @error <> 0

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Is there a question in there?

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It's an example

I am placing the macro here so that we can help those that want to learn.

[center]"When you look at old, classic games like Snake, you often put it off because it's such a simple game, but it's only when you actually try and create your own unique game from scratch, do you finally appreciate those games."[/center][center]Don't ask for answers if you haven't TRIED yet![/center][center]Most answers can be answered in the help file! Use it![/center]

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It's an example

LOL people do read afterall ^_^ thnx

Ya, it's just an example really.

Many ask for a macro when they can learn to do them on their own if they just take a little time and apply themselves.

I did the example, if they choose to learn it and then add to it, change it etc.. then my success for helping get started somewhere is done.

I mean c'mon, AutoIt v3 makes it so easy now.

Soon as Payday comes, I'm going to clik the donate button on this one for certain.

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