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I tried to create a bug report for this but it kept marking it as spam, but the thing at the top in yellow in the help file (sorry I don't know what it should be called) isn't 100% correct. I searched the bug reports, and didn't find a topic concerning it. In the help file it states:

#Include <Excel.au3>

_ExcelBookSaveAs($oExcel, $sFilePath, $sType = "xls", $fAlerts = 0, $fOverWrite = 0, $sPassword = "", $sWritePassword = "", $iAccessMode = 1, $iConflictResolution = 2)

And should be:

#Include <Excel.au3>

_ExcelBookSaveAs($oExcel, $sFilePath[, $sType = "xls"[, $fAlerts = 0[, $fOverWrite = 0[, $sPassword = ""[, $sWritePassword = ""[, $iAccessMode = 1[, $iConflictResolution = 2]]]]]]])

Noting that only the first 2 Parameters are required.

Looking through the UDF more, For Columndelete and insert, and Rowdelete and insert, the last parameter should state = 1 and be bracketed as well.

Edit: should also state in the Parameters chart that the default is 1

Another Edit: noticed I used the wrong function in the title

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