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object / array related error handling problem

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hey guys, sorry if this a little noobish of me, i know their is alot of documentation about error obj handling.

but i thought i'd post my problem anyways, maybe someone with better unstanding can help me.

thus far in my script i have been able to avoid any error obj handling with simple IsObj and IsArray use.

Local $BAcom = ObjCreate("BettingAssistantCom.Application.ComClass")

IsObj($BAcom) returns 1 (all is well)

$getBets_obj = $BAcom.getBets()

Documentation states getBets() returns an object, however IsObj($getBets_obj) returns 0, but also IsArray($getBets_obj) returns 1.

i dont know why IsObj returns 0, as i have to use

For $Element In $getBets_obj

$getBets[$int][1] = $Element.Selection


to obtain the data from $getBets_obj, which surely makes it an object?

now the problem comes with trying to gather the size of $getBets_obj,

here are some example calls depending on number of elements (i know the number of elements because i can set them manualy)


0 elements = 1

1 element = 1

2 element = 2


0 elements = 1

1 element = 1

2 element = 1


0 elements = 0

1 element = 0

2 element = 0

applogies for the lengthy post btw, so the problem i have is that i cant detect in ubound() = 1 arrays if the first $Element.Selection exists

without bottling out with autoit error.

i know i can use

Global $oMyError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error","MyErrFunc")

to detect this error, but im more leaning towards maybe detecting if just $Element.Selection returns an error, as i would rather not have

the error handler for my entire program just because i cant get past this wall.

if their is a simple solution to this, please dont flame me ^^

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