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I am trying make a bot for a browser game.

I was able to write a scrit, to tell the bot what to do after picking up a fight.

But I still can't tell him how to pick the mobs, because they move.

I am also thinking about farming resources with the bot. (in my case plants)

But here i am facing the same problem, because they also spawn randomly.

For better understanding:

Posted Image

1 : this symbol appears, if the mob is already fighting. If possible I want to avoid picking them.

2 : An example for a mob i would like to fight. The number "[3]" tells the lvl, so in this case it's 3. An option to tell the bot which lvl the mobs he picks should have would be great.

3 : A plant

3,1 : "glows" if you click on a plant. Maybe "PixelChecksum" or something would help here to identify if it's a plant or something else (ore, fish). Don't know.

4 : ore

4,1 : same as 3,1

It would be really nice, if you can help and i would be very grateful.



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This is not a gamers forum for posting script requests.

Come back when you have an AutoIt3 question.


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