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Print and regain Focus

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This forum has been so helpful so here I go again:

The extracted code runs great on 14 of 15 pcs. The purpose is to print a embedded IE PDF by clicking on the PDF print icon. On all pcs it prints fine but when the Progress Bar finishes the PDF on 1 pc the IE screen/pdf will not regain Focus. The WinWaitActive will timeout.

Any ideas why?

$Handle = WinGetHandle("[active]")


$Window = "Print"

$Win_Text = "OK"

#Include <ECF_Window_Check.au3>

If $WaitError = 0 Then

#include <PDF_Error.au3>




If $WaitError = 0 Then

Run ("ECF_Messaging")

MsgBox(0,"",$Window & ' dialog box failed to open')



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