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Memory/DLL Injection

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I play a MMORPG game called Conquer 2.0. I am trying to figure out how to move the character by using the memory, or by not using mouseclicks. On a forum, I got an answer that said this...

Because you will want to execute the jump/walk function within another process (conquer.exe), finding the function(s) is pretty easy too.

After that here's pseudocode:

Thats basicly it, create a thread, inject it and on a button click or whatever make it jump/walk to the coordinate u want.

Once you got that figured out you can basicly make any memory based bot.

So read up on dll injection and if questions post in this thread when i have the time i will help and if not someone else will

BTW to understand the jump/walk function better i suggest inline patch first just 'hardcode' patch for example make pathfind button execute a jump to a coordinate (which u ofcourse have to set )

experiment a bit and then when you know how the function exactly works you 'mimic' the function in a dll, inject it and execute the function at will.

What exactly is a DLL Injection and how do I go about doing it in AutoIt?



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Richard Robertson

Dll injection is a way for a programmer to load a dll in a separate process. This is used to override internal workings, call functions that are intended to be hidden, and a few other things.

There are only two reasons to do this. 1, because you are a security system writer. 2, you are hacking.

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