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How to make a GUI Window Scroll Vertically

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I'm just starting to use the GUI features in AutoIt3, so this question may have an obvious answer that I don't see.

I've created a GUI Window using the $WS_VSCROLL style Bitor'd with $GUI_SS_DEFAULT_GUI.

I get a vertical scroll bar, but it won't scroll.

I have controls that are below the bottom border of the GUI that I can't get to.

What am I missing?

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See http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...wtopic=8923&hl=

But it seems it should be possible with the Win32 GetScrollInfo function



As I understand Window API, it is not possible the control has to be designed for scrolling.

Edit controls are.

But the GuiCreate is not creating a control as such. :)

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