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Autoit Mud

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Long ago I was playing around with autoit.... for giggles...

Wrote this skeleton outline of mud server up... (if you are not sure what a mud is..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD)

Most modern/older muds are written in single threads so the idea that autoit could not multi thread wasn't a big deal.

I have this sitting on my computer for over a year at the least (maybe wrote it 2 years ago? 3?)

Haven't worked on it or done anything in long time... so just thought i would share it with someone who might find it neat if nothing else....

There is two executables that are made automud.exe and server.exe automud.exe is the front in for the server (so don't run server.exe ^_^ ) two files to allow the server status to change while its online ... (was idea for more advance features later down the road0

if ya use it for something credits for what i did would be nice but its not like i am a stickler ;/ shrug

Currently you can have multiple areas and players logged in with global chat and n,w,s,e directions classes and the like was never implemented but if anyone felt like it this might be a good start...

one player account is included admin with password root....

There is some comments but ... not fully commented ... thought it might do more posted here than gathering dust on my computer.

have fun.

o ya full source included. in src directory


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[quote name='BrettF' post='673687' date='Apr 24 2009, 07:47 AM']He knows what he's talking about (usually) and a damn sight more than you... So maybe just re read what you said, and go read up on how it is impossible at this stage in pure AutoIt...[/quote]Yet i am only one that helped him? ... while you trolled..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

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Cool, sounds like it's geared up for Zork. Am I in the ballpark?

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