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Reading webcam data

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I have a problem that can be solved multiple ways, I don't care which but I will explain my goal first.

I need to have 4 ip (Ethernet not USB) web cams display at the same time in a window and control different properties about them such as moving them around or resizing the image dynamically based on input from a serial port.

I have solve all of the issues with this but in different ways and combining them has led me to a problem. Basically I wrote a web page with Javascript/HTML that can display the cameras and move them around and expand them. The camera's send out a video.cgi to stream a motion jpeg. Firefox allows you to just throw the video.cgi in an <img> HTML tag and it works fine.

When it came time to add serial input for control I came to my good friend AutoIt and used a UDF for COM port reading that worked like a charm. Then to control the page and make it look more professional than a browser window, I embedded the IE object in a GUI from AutoIt, and used the IE functions to control the page.

While doing that I was using placeholder images because I don't have constant access to the web cams. When I got done though and tested them I realized my problem that IE does not read .cgi from an img tag and the only way to get IE to show the camera was with an activeX control. And browser object are much less friendly than an <img> tag if you want to do things like move them around and expand them dynamically inside a <div>.

So my app works nicely with IE embedded but the cameras don't work.

My cameras and webpage work nicely in firefox but I cannot embed or control Firefox with AutoIt.

Therefore catch 22

Now what I need is either a solution to one of those 2 problems, OR a new way where I can just view the camera's video.cgi from an ip within an AutoIt GUI.

If anyone can help me with any one of those 3 solutions I would greatly appreciate it.



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