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about edit dialog

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in each edit dialog there is a small blinking line (somthing like this: | ) that specifies where the text will be added when u type something.

can i make it invisible? or if you know the name of this small line, it'll help alot.

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i specify it, but the cursor still appears

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I think you're talking about the caret; Hold on i'll look for something on msdn


DllCall ( "user32.dll", "int", "HideCaret", "hwnd", "windowHandle")


DllCall ( "user32.dll", "int", "DestroyCaret" )

EDIT: I just tried it, it works at first but it seems to rebuild itself.

HideCaret Function


The HideCaret function removes the caret from the screen. Hiding a caret does not destroy its current shape or invalidate the insertion point. 


BOOL HideCaret(          HWND hWnd

[in] Handle to the window that owns the caret. If this parameter is NULL, HideCaret searches the current task for the window that owns the caret. 
Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero.

If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error information, call GetLastError. 


HideCaret hides the caret only if the specified window owns the caret. If the specified window does not own the caret, HideCaret does nothing and returns FALSE. 

Hiding is cumulative. If your application calls HideCaret five times in a row, it must also call ShowCaret five times before the caret is displayed. 

For an example, see Hiding a Caret.

Function Information

Minimum DLL Version user32.dll 
Header Declared in Winuser.h, include Windows.h 
Import library User32.lib 
Minimum operating systems Windows 95, Windows NT 3.1 

See Also

Edited by steveR

AutoIt3 online docs Use it... Know it... Live it...MSDN libraryglobal Help and SupportWindows: Just another pane in the glass.

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