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inetget sometimes fails to download a php - travian

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I run Inetget command in OPERA browser to save into a file the HTML code that is generated by a PHP url address.

The URL belongs to an online game - travian - which requires registration. ( username / passw. )

The result file should look like the html script when i view it by a command on the browser ( view -> source ), however,

sometimes it looks like the the mainpage of the game - as if it doen't remember i am registered.

now the funny bit -

i've found that if i enter this game using IE, simultaneously with oprea, and run the script, it works. ( IE alone = also works )

If i later on close IE, and play with oprea, the script will continue to work ok and download the proper page for a very long time.

Whats happening ?

How can i make opera emulate what's IE was doing ?

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