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UD Spread Sheet Control

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I am almost done with the part that makes the spreadhseet control.

But, it won't automaticly scroll. How do I get it so that when you move the scroll bars it goes to another part of the sheet.

Don't modify anything except what is required to make it scroll.

Your name will autmoaticly be appended to the Author heading.

;Script: UDCtrl_Spreadsheet
;Author: Guido Arbia
;Description: Enables the ussage of a spreadsheet.

;This control is excempt from any built in GUI Functionality meaning that you will not be able
;to perform any standard GUI methods on it, such as GUICTRLSETDATA.

#include <GUIConstants.AU3>

$TestWindow = GUICreate("Hello World!",640,480)

$Poopy = UDCtrlCreateSpreadSheet(10,10,100,20,0,0,640,480,$TestWindow)


Func UDCtrlCreateSpreadSheet($Cols,$Rows,$ColWidth,$RowHeight,$X,$Y,$Width,$Height,$ParentWindow)
   $SpreadSheet = GUICreate("",$Width,$Height,$X,$Y,$WS_CHILD+$WS_VISIBLE+$WS_VSCROLL+$WS_HSCROLL,0,$ParentWindow)
   Dim $SSData[$Cols+1][$Rows+1]
   For $ColumnIndex = 1 to $Cols
      For $RowIndex = 1 to $Rows
         $SSData[$ColumnIndex][$RowIndex] = GUICtrlCreateInput("",$ColWidth*($ColumnIndex-1)+2,$RowHeight*($RowIndex-1)+2,$ColWidth,$RowHeight)
   Return $SpreadSheet
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