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Automating the installer by hiding the window, is it possibel?

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Hi All,

I want to automate the installer at the same time the window should be hidden. The installer is a GUI(Hardware Wizard), it has those next buttons to proceed the installation. I could install the same without hiding the windows. But i want to achieve with windows hidden, is it possible? if yes, how can i do that?

Here is my code for automating the installer without hiding the window.

Run("C:\Documents and Settings\test\Desktop\LIBUSB64Fix\2) INSTALL LIBUSB\LIBUSB 32win Setup.exe")

WinWaitActive("Setup - LibUSB-Win32")

MouseClick("left", 950, 678)


MouseClick("left", 638, 615)


MouseClick("left", 960, 676)


MouseClick("left", 950, 678)


MouseClick("left", 950, 678)


MouseClick("left", 950, 676)


MouseClick("left", 777, 500)


MouseClick("left", 950, 677)


Can any one of you throw light on this problem?

Thanks in Advance,



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