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IniWrite and mouted ImageX WIM files

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First of all, I appologize if this has already been addressed, but I searched around google and the forums and I didn't see anything yet. That said, I would like to know if anyone has experience using IniWrite on a file located within a mounted (with the /mountrw flag) ImageX wim. I am observing some very bizarre behavior in this situation.

I will use IniWrite to successfully update an existing key in an ini file. I can even read the key back as the last thing I do before the compiled script exits, and the value is correctly updated. However, when the script completes, I will open the file and the last value I updated will be reverted. The script has exclusive access to the file, so it isn't a race condition (at least, not at a script/process level), but I'm wondering how Ini files are handled behind the scenes. Is it possible that there is some write caching going on that may affect or be affected by ImageX? This issue doesn't happen every time, but does occur regularly.

Thanks in advance!

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