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testing download integrity

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here's a way to test whether or not a file was downloaded properly. @InetGetBytesRead equals FileGetSize(file after downloading) equals InetGetSize(file on remote server). They will all have the exact same byte count (which we would only expect in utopia, but hey it works!) just an example so you can see. hope someone finds it useful :

InetGet("http://www.autoitscript.com/cgi-bin/getfile.pl?autoit3/autoit-v3-setup.exe", @TempDir & "\autoit-v3-setup.exe", 0, 1)
While @InetGetActive
MsgBox(1, "", "Remote Size: " & InetGetSize("http://www.autoitscript.com/cgi-bin/getfile.pl?autoit3/autoit-v3-setup.exe") & @CRLF & "Local Size: " & FileGetSize(@TempDir & "\autoit-v3-setup.exe") & @CRLF & "Bytes downloaded: " & @InetGetBytesRead)
FileDelete(@TempDir & "\autoit-v3-setup.exe")
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