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Need help with a complicated Reg Expression

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I'm writing a small program to clean up a script by removing various things from the file. having trouble with ConsoleWrite() Lines

I have this and it works great except for one problem,

While True
    $vRet = StringRegExp($sContents, "\n(.*?ConsoleWrite(?P<po>\(((?>[^()]+)|(?P>po))*\)).*?)\r",1,$nOffset)
        If @error Then
            $nOffset = @extended
        $vTaskfin[0] += 1; just a counter of lines removed
        $sOut = StringReplace($sOut, @LF & $vRet[0] & @CR,"",1)

The problem is if there is a single ( or ) inside a quoted 'string' the reg ex misses the line. I'm just not having any luck getting the recursive search to ignore a single ( or ) inside a quoted string.

I could do it with a loop and some StringInStr and StringTrim functions, however I'm annoyed that I can't get the reg exp working.

And for serious bonus points : a pattern that works with StringRegExpReplace($sContents,$pattern,"") , so I can get rid of the StringReplace Line. (I'm not even sure that it is possible.)

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