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How can I change Password Expired or Password Change screen

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We are working over Domain. We have IDM system for password management. Everybody has only one account and one password on all systems. Unix Windows sap doesnt metter.

if users using IDM page we havent problems. Because rules everytime working. and all programs has same password in same time. (Idm working from webpage)

If user change password by Windows Change password or Password Expried page we are having some problems.

In AD side min password lenght is 8 max no limit.

I want to use only 8 char. password. because Sap or some unix programs unsupport more 8 char. and turkish char.

How can I modifiy password change screen?

is any one has idea?

AD is Cannot make that.

contain a number

contain an uppercase letter

contain a lowercase letter

be at least 8 characters in length

be fewer than 15 characters in length

contain a "special" character

not be recycled (though this is not explicitly listed, it's true)

not contain more than 3 repeating characters ("zzz", "aaa", etc.)

not contain more than 3 incremented or decremented numeric strings ("123", "876", etc.)

not contains more than 3 incremented or decremented alphabetic strings ("abc", "zyx", "mno", etc.)


Startup Agent It is my small Startup Agent. You can install programs on startup Domain pc without Admin rights.

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