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Dialog boxes - how do we create them in Autoit?

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Looking to make a dialog box, anyone have the format for them?

I didn't see them in the help guide.

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Read the help file for the description and remarks. I think you're looking for GUICreate() to create the dialog box and GUICtrl* to dress it with the controls.

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Where can I add a textbox? I saw it but it didn't show how you actually put one in.

Can I assign the value they (int) they enter? How would I do that.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)


Func bailsToBuy()
    Local $gui, $bails, $msg, $ok, $bails
    $gui = GUICreate("Bails to Run", 400, 100)
    $bails = GUICtrlCreatePic(@SystemDir & "", 0, 0, 400, 100)
    $ok = GUICtrlCreateButton("OK", 10, 30, 50)
    GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "OKPressed")
; looking to have a text box so people can enter an int and have that int set to value $bails
; Then use value $bails in another file, or later in this one
; How do I do that?

        $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

Thanks for your help thus far =-)

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