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Dynamic Tray menus is it possible?

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i saw another thread, but dynamic setting of menu text probably is alittle feasible but

i need a dynamic update of menu items when a menu level is clicked

ie., i have TrayMenu1 with TMItem1, TMItem2, TMItem3

When user clicks on TrayMenu1 , i need to specify a condition where in i can choose which items are to be shown or i also need to add entries to it

in a nut shell, when a user clicks on the menu level, is it possible for me to control the menu items (add or delete them) ?

i tried mouse hover in combination with single click detection et all, but i believe even with autopause mode off ( i am not using default menu btw) the script does pause for a user to select the menu item. so till i get mouse released first time, i cant do anything anyway out? did see the Tray menu UDFs around but they may not be very satisfactory for me if i have something in autoit already i might be able to do better .

Also, is it yet possible to create a right click options on a menu level ? coz i checked getting trayitemtext which returns first level item's text instead of current menu level's text

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yeah thats what i meant about Tray Menu UDFs, but i was just wondering if AutoIT has any innate capability of letting me do what i wanted. anyways, after repeated trials,

i ended up understanding

> the script seems to pause when tray menu is clicked

> even if i wanted to monitor a click / doubleclick on tray menu , it is gonna happen only after the first click, the first click is not recognisable,

> clicking on menu level opens the sub menu level but i couldnt find a way to execute something before the menu level is expanded

as i mentioned i am gonnaa try and use the UDF as it employs the windows / VB way of doing it.. (would need clarification if i am wrong in what i understood so far, or did i miss something?

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