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I have been using autoit for quite some time, and taught myself from the help file. But I was wondering about some more advance features of the program.

1. Can you load up a splash screen in auto it while simulating mouse and keyboard clicks. For example the full screen splash screen in the foreground hides what mouse click and movements are going on in the background? I know already that you can make a full splash screen, I just don't know if or how to allow functions to go on in the background. I am writing a program to simulate certain web browser functions, but in a fluid way so the user doesn't see ugly mouse movements across the screen, rather loading up a splash screen while its happening to, basically, make it look fluid.

2. Can someone clarify how the WinWaitActive WinTitleMatchMode works, and where in the code to place it? For example, if a window Title was: "Mary had a little lamb" and Text "It's fleece was white as snow" how do you tell the winwaitactive to only look for "mary had a little" but find the specific text "It's fleece was white as snow". Also, does it matter where on the page "It's fleece was white as snow" appeared, or could it be the very bottom without problems?

Thanks for any and all help,


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For background simulation have you looked at the controls section of Windows management? Stuff like controlClick is very useful as it does not need co ords, and can run in the background.

WinTitleMatchMode is an option, and can be placed anywhere in the script, and can be changed as the script runs... So it needs to appear before being used. There is also a WinTextMatchMode that checks text. So set those modes to what you need before calling WinWaitActive.

Hope it helped


Edit: I should also have pointed out that bumping topics before 24 hours is not a good idea, so please don't in future!

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