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Patch a exe.

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Is it possible to Patch a exe, using Autoit.

For example on line 2 of my code i have

Before update:

msgbox(64, "Program name", "Message")

After Update:

msgbox(64, "Program name", "Different Message")

When i update it i would just upload a Patch exe, so the user doesn't have to download a huge file. Is this possible?

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I do this with an "Ini" file..

$New_Message = IniRead("My_Ini_File.ini", "Settings", "Message", "Old Message")

MsgBox(64, "Program name", $New_Message)



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you should decompile and then re-compile the script

or find the part you want to change in the compiled script and replace them with another piece of code, always encrypted as if it was compiled :)

...I think...


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