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Basic Login System

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Here is a basic login system.

All this require is a host of some kind to host a PHP and a data file.

You can make as many users as you like and they are easy to mange.

-Use the PasswordGenerator.au3 to generate new users and add them to login.php

-Copy / Paste the LoginSystem.au3 into your code.

-Upload login.php and AutoITdata.txt to your host.

And you got it all setup.

The password generator generates a unique password for every user. (not a good method since if you know how to reverse one you can reverse them all, but who cares)

You can make your own file enstead of AutoITdata.txt, just remember to set the changes in the login.php file.

This release contains a sample hosted on my site.

Try out these accounts:

User: AutoITmaniac

Password: 59AC3DE36BEBDF65

User: PeterVonSch├╝cel

Password: B9B67DC9EFDB181F

User: testclient

Password: 3D6D40013A462CFF


Edited by malu05

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this script can bypass double login per 1 id ?

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Very nice start now all you need to to Check for correct password and a vaild Username

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