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Webpage Auto-Refresher

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At work, we use the Outlook Web Access system to read work emails offsite, however it tends to timeout after a few minutes which bugged the hell out of my workmates and I, so I wrote this. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! :)

I think the comments pretty much make most of it self-explanatory. It may seem a strange way to program it, but I am trying to get it to work when the workstation is locked. No such luck as yet...

; OWAKeepAlive - refreshes Webmail once in a while to stop it timing out
; by Jason Oakley aka WauloK

; Get functions to use _SendMessage
#include <SendMessage.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

; Start OWAKeepAlive when PC starts up.
If Not FileExists(@StartupDir & '\WebmailKeepAlive.lnk') Then
    FileCreateShortcut(@ScriptFullPath, @StartupDir & '\ WebmailKeepAlive.lnk')

; $OWAActive - OWAKeepAlive activated or not
Global $OWAActive; Is this turned on?
Global $RefreshDelay; Pause before refresh again
$AppVerNo = "1.01"; This application's version number.
Global $AppName = "Webmail Keep-Alive"; Set name of this AutoIT Application

; Set Delays
$Delay = 60000; Sixty Seconds
$MiniDelay = $Delay/60; One second

; Notify user with a Tooltip what's started
TrayTip($AppName & " v" & $AppVerNo, "Press the SCROLL-LOCK key to (de)activate!", 2, 1) 
TrayTip("clears any tray tip","",0)

; Set up Hotkey to (de)activate OWAKeepAlive
HotKeySet("{SCROLLLOCK}", "OWAToggle")

; Do the refreshing on the OWA screen

    While ($OWAActive)

    ; Set Delays
        $Minutes = 2; Refresh delay in minutes
        $Delay = 60000*$Minutes; Sixty Seconds & $Minutes
        $MiniDelay = $Delay/60/$Minutes; One second

        $OWATitle = "Microsoft Outlook Web Access"; Set the title to activate

    ; Send F5 Key to refresh directly to the OWA window
        $hwnd = WinGetHandle( $OWATitle )
        ControlSend($hwnd, '', '', '{F5}')
        $MiniDelay = $Delay/60; One second

    ; Notify user and delay a while.
        TrayTip($AppName, "Sent Refresh. Waiting " & $Minutes & " minutes...", 1, 1)
        TrayTip($AppName, "ACTIVATED! Deactivate with SCROLL-LOCK Key!", 1, 1)
        TrayTip("clears any tray tip","",0)

    ; Do the delay bit
        $RefreshDelay = $Delay/1000;
        While ($RefreshDelay)

; Enable/Disable OWAKeepAlive
Func OWAToggle()
; Set Delays
    $Delay = 60000; Sixty Seconds
    $OWAActive = NOT $OWAActive
    If $OWAActive Then
        TrayTip($AppName, "ACTIVATED!", 1, 1)
        TrayTip("clears any tray tip","",0)
        TrayTip($AppName, "De-Activated", 1, 1) 
        TrayTip("clears any tray tip","",0)

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