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Text Parsing

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Hello Everyone,

I've recently been trying to parse through a text file and return values that are in between " "

for example.

I have a script file that i need to return all the command values for.

{ 1 pensize 255 0 0 pencolor "" CHATSTR = MOUSEPOS y = x =
 { { pt tp = 14 mg =
   { 3 mg * 2 / mg = 2 tp /= }
  { tp 2 % not tp AND } while
   x pt 360 * 64 / sine mg * 1000 / + y pt 360 * 64 / cosine mg * 1000 / +
  } twop = twop EXEC pt ++ twop EXEC LINE
 } { pt 65 < } WHILE
} CHATSTR "compass" == IF

where "compass" would be the command minus the " " around it.

I need to Open the Script File, scan through for anything inside the " " quotations

and have it return an Array of command strings that can then be written to a separate .txt file.

any ideas? everything i've tried is just not working for me, and Search didn't help any =\

Many Thanks !

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Richard Robertson

_StringBetween, the UDF will work perfectly for you.

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