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I am using the MYSQL udf from http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20814 . I have a table called users that is described as (username varchar(40), credit float(5,3)). When I am at the command prompt and I select * from users, I can see that my test user, mtie_dye, has a credit of 23.456. However, when I use the MYSQL udf to extract and display that information, it displays 23.45599993743896.

Dim $user[2]
       $user[0] = "mrtie_dye"
       $user[1] = 0
       $connect = _MySQLConnect($sqlUserName, $sqlPassword, "auratus", "localhost");connect to mysql
       If $connect == 0 Then;if we can't connect, bail out. 
           MsgBox(0,"","Unable to connect to database.")
       $query = _Query($connect,"SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '" & $user[0] & "'");find the user
       With $query;put the user into the user array
           While NOT .EOF
               $user[1] = .Fields("credit").value
       MsgBox(0,"credit",$user[1]);should be 23.456, but is 23.45599993743896

Why is it doing this, or what would be the best way to chop off some of those numbers?

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