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AutoIt v3.3.1.0 (Beta) Released

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http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/beta/autoit (20th May, 2009) (Beta)


- Added #757: Set defaults for MouseClick()'s x/y parameters.

- Added #764: Return Pid on ProcessWait() and handle on WinWait(), WinWaitActive, WinActivate(), WinActive(), WinMove() when successful.

- Added #414: better handling of OnAutoItStart/OnAutoItExit, now #OnAutoItStartRegister, OnAutoItExitRegister() and OnAutoItExitUnRegister().

- Added: Better handling of AdlibEnable/AdlibDisable, now AdlibRegister(), AdlibUnRegister() and AdlibDisable().

- Added #351: Reverse PixelSearch().

- Added #769: FileFlush() function.

- Added #333: #NoAutoIt3Execute Directive for disabling /AutoIt3ExecuteScript or /AutoIt3ExecuteLine.

- Added #604: $GUI_BKCOLOR_TRANSPARENT can be used with label, group, radio, checkbox controls.

- Added #135: FileSetPos(), FileGetPos() functions for moving the file pointer around.

- Added #582: GUICtrlSetTip() can be used on TabItem controls. (Thanks ProgAndy)

- Added #699: Shutdown() now return @error=GetLastError() when failing.

- Added #461: StringReplace() from right to left if occurrence <0 as for StringInStr().

- Added: GUICtrlSetColor() and GUICtrlSetBkColor() for Combo Controls.

- Added: GUI without title bar (no $WS_CAPTION) can be moved with the mouse.

- Added #815: Temporary variables can be passed ByRef.

- Added #837: FileFindNextFile() set @extended if a directory is returned. (Thanks pdaughe)

- Added #839: Shutdown() rewritten and now works properly when run as a non-interactive user.

- Added: Shutdown() now takes an optional reason code.

- Added #846: _PathFull() now supports strange but valid syntax where drives do not have a trailing slash.

- Added #869: @MUILang macro to help MUI environment scripts. (Thanks Emiel Wieldraaijer)

- Added #918: Added Quality parameter to GUICtrlSetFont() and GUISetFont().

- Added: ProcessClose() return info on error.

- Fixed: CtrlSetStyle listview on non selected tab. (Thanks Ultima)

- Fixed #763: GUICtrlCreateIcon() create an empty icon on error. (Thanks Jos)

- Fixed: no mouse move when invalid button used in MouseClick() or MouseClickDrag().

- Fixed #779: infinite loop on Exit due to GUICreate() child badly created.

- Fixed #774: GuiCtrlSetBkColor() bad label display. (Thanks MvGulik)

- Fixed #790: Windows region constant $ERROR rename in $ERRORREGION.

- Fixed: StringInStr("aaa", "aa", 2) does not return 0.

- Fixed #802: Searching for controls by Height property.

- Fixed: Checkbox or radio painting on tab. (Thanks einaman)

- Fixed #816: data for GUI date control doc clarification. (Thanks anonymous)

- Fixed #819: Crash with EventLog functions.

- Fixed #814: InetGet() through a proxy requiring authentication did not work.

- Fixed #813: bad handling of Windows advanced matching for [HANDLE:...] in X64 version. (Thanks bsobottke@nero.com)

- Fixed #863: DirMove() extra dot. (Thanks dRsrb)

- Fixed #867: UDPRecv() can return from IP/Port. (Thanks Martin, livewire)

- Fixed #886: More explicit documentation that operator == is a forced string comparison.

- Fixed #885: Default compared to False returned True instead of False.

- Fixed #888: Send("{}}") Extra null char.

- Fixed #916: Line inversion in INet.au3

- Fixed: DllCall() returning 64-bit int. (Thanks wraithdu)

- Fixed: GuiCtrlSetImage() after GUI resized. (Thanks JackDinn)

- Fixed: DirMove() return code wrong under XP.

- Fixed #931: bad GUICtrlSetResizing() for graphic control. (Thanks martin)

- Fixed #934: MouseGetCursor() hogging mouse double click. (Thanks martin)

- Fixed #615: License updated to be less restrictive.

- Fixed #919: Remarks added to ConsoleWrite(), ConsoleWriteError() and StdinWrite() regarding how those functions handle binary data and non-ANSI characters.

- Fixed #897: Documented that StringToASCIIArray() does not accept binary input (convert to a string first).

- Fixed #937: Bad event handling of Opt("TrayMenuMode",1)

- Changed: It is now possible to read from files opened for writing.

- Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.9.

- Changed #899: ShellExecute[Wait]() no longer uses "open" as the default verb. See remarks section for those functions for more information.

- Changed: Inet functions rewritten with the following additions and changes:

- Removed: Long deprecate URLDownloadToFile() alias for InetGet().

- Added: HttpSetUserAgent(), InetClose(), InetGetInfo() and InetRead() functions.

- Added: Multiple background downloads are now supported with InetGet().

- Added #408: New flag for ignoring SSL errors for HTTPS connections.

- Added #884: Better proxy support with mode 0.

- Added #949: The user-agent can be changed.

- Changed: InetGet() returns a handle which must be closed.

- Changed: @InetGetBytes, @InetGetActive and InetGet("abort") are deprecated and will be removed in the future.


- Added #140: ToolsBar button infos.


- Added: _GDIPlus_BrushGetSolidColor, _GDIPlus_BrushSetSolidColor (smashly)

- Added: $tagWIN32_FIND_DATA and corresponding attribute constants.

- Added #868: _WinAPI_GetLayeredWindowAttributes(), _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes(). (Thanks Prog@ndy)

- Added: _Date_Time_ ... Str() can return date as yyyy/mm/dd.

- Added #271: FTPEx.au3 for _FTP_...(). (Thanks ProgAndy, Wouter)

- Added #932: mouse event constants in WinDowsConstants.au3. (Thanks Spiff59)

- Added #952: _ArrayDisplay() extra parameter for column header text. (Thanks Zedna)

- Added #957: _Assert() in Debug.au3. (Thanks Nutster)

- Fixed #755: _FileReadToArray() removing empty end lines.

- Fixed #773: Doc for _GUICtrlStatusBar_SetParts (Thanks Zedna)

- Fixed #786: _SQLite_Exec() does not return @error. (Thanks tayoufabrice)

- Fixed: Doc for _ClipBoard_SetData

- Fixed #793: _WinNet_EnumResource error always returned

- Fixed: _StringAddThousandsSep adding leading comma with negative numbers (Zedna)

- Fixed #809: _Soundxxx() with first parameter as filename.

- Fixed #850: _ExcelReadSheetToArray doesn't work with German Excel 2003 (Prog@ndy) Note: not tested with other languages

- Fixed #887: Related section based on Tweaky work.

- Fixed #958: _ArrayDisplay - bad centering of window after adjust its width

- Fixed #951: _ArrayDisplay() speed improvement for nb entries >4000. (Thanks Zedna)

- Fixed: _SoundOpen() set @error on MCI Error.

- Changed: _StringBetween removed last optional param (not needed after change)(SmOke_N)

- Updated: Excel docs (litlmike)

- Updated: _SQLite 3.6.7 ->

- Updated: _ArrayCombinations, _ArrayPermute, _ArrayUnique (litlmike)

- Removed: _WinAPI_MakeDWord

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These are the script-breaking changes:

Some of the following features are deprecated. Deprecated features are no longer documented but continue to work. Deprecated features will be removed after version It is strongly recommended that scripts relying on deprecated features be updated to work with the new behavior. Some features have already been removed and will be noted as such.


  • ShellExecute() and ShellExecuteWait() no longer use the "open" verb by default. See the remarks section for those functions for more details.
  • The return value of InetGet() has changed. It is important to read and understand the changes because it is possible to leak resources if InetGet() is used incorrectly.
  • InetGet("abort"), @InetGetActive and @InetGetBytesRead are now deprecated. The following list shows the new functions used to access the old behavior:
    • InetGet("abort") - Calling the new InetClose() function with a handle returned from InetGet() will abort a download.
    • @InetGetActive - Calling the new InetGetInfo() function with no parameters returns a count of active downloads.
    • @InetGetBytesRead - Calling the new InetGetInfo() function with a handle returned from InetGet()will return the bytes read (and more) for a download.
  • The FtpBinaryMode option set with AutoItSetOption() has been removed. Now InetGet() takes a flag to specify the transfer mode.
  • The URLDownloadToFile() alias for InetGet() has been removed.
  • AdlibEnable() and AdlibDisable() are deprecated. See the new functions AdlibRegister() and AdlibUnRegister().
  • OnAutoItStart() is deprecated. See the new pre-processor statement #OnAutoItStartRegister.
  • OnAutoItExit() is deprecated. See the new functions OnAutoItExitRegister() and OnAutoItExitUnregister().
  • The AutoItSetOption() option OnExitFunc has been removed. See the new functions OnAutoItExitRegister() and OnAutoItExitUnregister().

  • The last optional parameter for _StringBetween() has been removed.
  • The arguments for _StringAddThousandsSep() have changed.
It is important that you update any script that uses InetGet() in the background to properly close the handle. In a long running script that does multiple downloads, you will eventually crash out if you do not close the handles. Edited by Valik

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