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Need a script to do the following, just need help getting started.

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Alright, here goes. I am a new Client Systems Technician at my work and the way we go about install Microsoft Patches or rather any patches that we find needed is very...time consuming. So I have been looking into scripting to make the installs go better.

I am looking for something that could search for a specific file (use of wildcard characters needed due to the length of the file name) and IF the file is there skip and move to the next one, and if the file is not there, I need it to proceed with the install of that program. Once done installing that update, I want it to move on to the next one automatically. I just don't want to sit there all day on one computer that we are rolling out or updating/readding to the domain and they are in need of patches.

It's going to be a big script, but just getting some sort of first start help or a template that I can sort of tweak would be wonderful. Thanks a lot for all your help!

P.S. Also if there is a better scripting language that would be easier for this type of problem, please guide me in that direction. Thanks a lot again!

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Welcome to the forums.

Read the help file entry for FileExists.

The example conveniently includes If statements as well.

Though not documented there, FileExists does support wildcards.

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