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ECO Helper - MEncoder shell

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<<<< Project ECO Helper - FREE video converter >>>>

ECO Helper is a new (and, i hope, nice) frontend for command-line MEncoder application. It also uses MPlayer for its needs.

I use it for converting a static video files like AVI, SWF, MPEG, WMV, Quick-time MOV and dynamic DVD video discs to any of 6 static formats:




- Flash-Video FLV

- MPEG1/2

- Quick-Time MOV

Supported video encoders:

- OpenDivX 4/5

- X264

- H263+

- XviD

- MPEG 1/2


- MSMPEG4 v2

- Flash

- LosslessJPEG

Audio encoders:



- AC3

- MP2


- OGG Vorbis

Program contains embedded English and Russian language.

Application supports:

- processing of a lot of formats including video archives (AVI, MPG and many others), DVD, TV and HTTP/FTP/RTP/SMB

- work with 5 embedded encoding presets in 'Extended mode'

- you can save your job in the file to work later or export the BAT

- ECO Helper can sign your project settings (if you save) with MD5 to avoid mistakes. If signature isn't valid, only files and dest.dir will be loaded

- encoding of DVD video now supports selecting of single chapter or range of chapters at selected title

- lots of settings at 'Extended interface' including large set of videofilters and even custom quant matrices

- 'Info' button now analyzes your DVD or static videofile and displays comprehensive info about it

- write log-file during encode

- send commandlines to Notepad at the start of encode

- TV/Net ripping feature

- and much, much more.

Video filters at encode applies in this order:

Deinterlace --> Deblock --> Dering --> LevelCorrector --> Scale --> Crop --> Expand --> harddup --> Vert.mirror --> Horz.mirror --> 2xsai --> inv.telecine --> Rotate --> HQDN3D --> Add noise.

If you have some questions don't hesitate to ask.

Attached archive contains source and compiled exe.

If you want to compile this yourself you must place 'upx.exe' and 'reshacker.exe' at the 'Signer' directory.

If you liked it, give it a rate!

Enjoy =))

Thanks to:

Zedna for 'Resource UDF' I used for creation of single exe without FileInstall trash

ragnarok775 for 'M3U Maker' I used as Batch Processor Interface

michael2t for support =))




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