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Guest steveam

In version 2.6 when you opened the task tray icon you were able to see where the script was. I am writing a script that is stopping, and I am having trouble identifing where in the code it's stopped. Where should I be looking?


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Beware: TrayIconDebug does not work for NT.

And you may also find the _Debug() UDF by Cyberslug extremely useful...

Func _Debug($message)
;From Cyberslug, circa 2004-05-10
;Until AutoIt gets full debugging features, the following might help some people:
;   Example usage:
;   _Debug('#ds');open log window
;   ; start of script goes here...
;   _Debug("The value of some variable foo is:" & $foo)
;   _Debug("Another debug message")
;   ; end of script...
;   _Debug('#de');keep log window open until you close it
    $sAutoItWinGetTitle = AutoItWinGetTitle()
    If $message = "#ds" Then
        WinActivate( $sAutoItWinGetTitle )
        WinMove ( $sAutoItWinGetTitle, "", @DESKTOPWIDTH / 4, @DESKTOPHEIGHT / 4, @DESKTOPWIDTH / 2, @DESKTOPHEIGHT / 2 )
        WinSetState( $sAutoItWinGetTitle, "", @SW_SHOW )
    ElseIf $message = "#de" Then
        Local $previous = ControlGetText( $sAutoItWinGetTitle,"", "Edit1")
        ControlSetText ( $sAutoItWinGetTitle,"", "Edit1", $previous & $message & @CRLF)
        ControlSend( $sAutoItWinGetTitle,"", "Edit1", "^{END}")
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Guest steveam

Thanks. This is what I was looking for.

There is an option you can enable.

It's called TrayIconDebug. If it's enabled you can see which line is currently executed. You see it when you hover over the tray icon.

Here's the code:

Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1)


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