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How flexible is AutoIT Gui?

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I posted in the General Help forum and didn't get much response but I think I might have made an error there. Since I need help creating a Gui it would be better suited here? Anyway if I am breaking any rules please do tell me!

I was wondering just how flexible AutoIT is with Gui creation. I am currently in need of a patcher for my game though I am new to AutoIT and wouldn't know where to start. I put together a layout in Photo shop and I would like to know if this was possible with AutoIT and how hard it would be.


Here is the layout, I'll explain :)

Play Game = Will launch "Client.exe" and close the patcher

Setup = Will launch the games Option configuration. This configuration needs to write to a .ini or .cfg file with specific lines:

u_resolution 0

u_texture 0

u_shadow 0

u_vision 0

u_fog 0

A simple 0/1 on/off system (yes, 0 is on ;p don't ask)

Website = Will open the games website in default browser

Register = Will open the games account register site in default browser

Donate = ignore this for now, I don't know if we're going to enable this.

Server status (master/game server) = Will connect to SQL or ping a program on the server

Download bars = Explains itself?

For the Setup, would it be possible to make the website information slide out screen and the settings slide in? if you want me to make an example of this also then please let me know. The gray boxes (such as the download and website field) would be part of the background image, and the buttons would be skinned with an image?

Is this possible at all? Any help would be most appreciated :party:

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I guess the short answer is yes.

This is quite a tall order for someone new to autoit. You might start by making parts of it. Once made you can join them together into one script.

Have you found the helpfile and all the examples in the help file? You could start by cobbling a few of those together. Generally the way this forum works. Is you try to get your script working, if you hit a roadblock. Make a post and show your code. People will almost always help.

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Ok I understand :) Thank you!

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Very possible, and I think you could do everything you need with AutoIt.

Try some stuff out, it's a pretty easy language to learn. If you need help, just post back here. I will be watching this thread. :)

Please click me if you have a minute! Thanks!

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