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Waiting for a "menu"/title-less window

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I'm trying to automate a test for a piece of software running an application (the application I'm using is Paint.Net, a C# image editor). Unfortunately, the test severely slows down the application, to a degree that I can only use Send() to control menu items if I use a long Sleep() between Send()s.

I've looked at the forum and found this topic, however I suspect that neither Menu nor ToolBar controls will work on this menu, since it doesn't seem to be either - the class I see when I use the window spy is something like WindowsForms10.window.8.app.0.378734a. All the menu windows opened by this process are title-less and don't have text I can use to find them out.

Is there a way to use WinWait() to wait for windows spawned by a specific process/application? Could it be that this menu is toolbar-like and I've used the functions in the wrong way?

Thanks for your help, :)


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