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How can I use < or > in run command

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Guest roefje


I recently discovered AutoIt.

I'm making my own Unattended CD. This program helps me a lot.

Only I have a problem installing one program... dBpowerAMP,

I can silently install the program using the following commandline: dMC-r11.exe <Silent>.

The only problem is it has a screen for confirmation at the end of the installation.

I want to avoid that screen using AutoIt, as this is better for the unattended cd.

So I give the following line:

Run(@scriptdir & "dMC-r11.exe <Silent>")

But it falls over the < sign.

How can I fix this.

Can anyone help me with this, I would really appreciate it.

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Guest roefje

It so wierd :)

I tried everything yesterday, and then I mean everything.

Read the help file like a thousand times.

And today I changed the line and it worked, no error :D

By the way is the line:

$SF_1 = "dMC-r11.exe"

Run ( @ScriptDir & "\" & $SF_1 & " ""<Silent>""" )

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