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GetMosPos, pixelsearch then back to original poisiton

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Hey guys.

Heres an image of what im trying to do

Posted Image

Edit: posted a better picture

I want to get current position, by scanning by my characters feet, there is a tiny red dot, then finding that position, clicking the purple square, then going back to the original position

Heres what i tried sofar

$center = 0xF83864
$npc = 0xA420FC

$Centerlook = pixelsearch(391, 309, 414, 326, $center)

if not @error Then
MouseMove($centerlook[0], $centerlook[1])
$A1 = MouseGetPos()
$NPCCheck = Pixelsearch(0, 0, 800, 600, $npc)
MouseClick("left", $NpcCheck[0]-$Centerlook[0], $NpcCheck[1]-$Centerlook[1])
MouseClick("left", $NpcCheck[0]+$Centerlook[0], $NpcCheck[1]+$Centerlook[1])

Any idea's why it doesnt work/what im doing wrong?

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