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_IELoadWait() does not see that page has loaded

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I've been using _IE.au3 for ages, but have never encountered this kind of problem before:

_IELoadWait() does not see that page has loaded. Weirdness :)

I've no idea whats wrong with these particular pages. Hoping someone with more web experience can explain it. From hundreds of "same" pages these 2 always "timeout", even though they've been loaded, status bar says "Done".

System: winXP Pro SP3; IE 8.0, AutoIt

#include <IE.au3>
$oIE = _IECreate('about:blank', 0, 1, 1)
_IENavigateRetry($oIE, "http://tvrage.com/Weeds")
_IENavigateRetry($oIE, "http://tvrage.com/Dirty_Sexy_Money")

Func _IENavigateRetry(ByRef $o_ie, $s_url, $i_timeoutsec = 20, $i_retry = 3)
    Local $i_error
    __IEErrorNotify("Info", "_IENavigateRetry", "loading URL", $s_url)
    _IELoadWaitTimeout($i_timeoutsec * 1000)
    For $i = 1 To $i_retry
        _IENavigate($o_ie, $s_url)
        $i_error = @error
        If $i_error = 0 Then Return;ok
        If $i_error = 6 Then;reload
            If $i < $i_retry Then __IEErrorNotify("Info", "_IENavigateRetry", "reload attempt", $i)
EndFunc  ;==>_IENavigateRetry

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