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abbyy authomation question

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probably a newbie question:

how do i create a safearray of strings for com authomation?

i am trying to authomate the abbyy fine reader using the following interface:


dispinterface IFineReaderApplication {




void AddImage(

[in] BSTR imageFile,

[in] VARIANT_BOOL ignoreResolutionWarning);


void AddImages([in] VARIANT* safeArrayOfImageNames);


void CreateNewBatchWithOptions([in] BSTR imageFile);


void OpenRead([in] VARIANT* safeArrayOfImageNames);


void SetRecognitionLanguages([in] VARIANT* safeArrayOfLanguages);


void ForegroundMainFrame();


void ScanWithScanner([in] BSTR scannerName);



with the following code:


#include <Array.au3>

$friApp= ObjCreate("FineReader.Integration")

if IsObj($friApp ) Then

ConsoleWrite("OK frinteg")


ConsoleWrite("nOK frinteg")


Dim $varArray[1]

$varArray = _ArrayCreate("R:\\z_temp\\u1.pdf")



however it fails with internal error


may i guess it is because of incompatible array types?



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